Budget It Yourself

When you can budget, you can save. Simply upload your data to this site, then enter the PIN into the BIY Android application. Your device takes care of the rest. Budget It Yourself helps you keep track of your own energy usage by making sense of the Green Button Energy data. For more information or to download the phone application, please visit http://www.budgetityourself.com. Working with students from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University, Team BIY is an interdisciplinary team made up of an artist and two programmers. The idea behind the app is to help the user budget energy in order to save money on utilities in the future.


The goal of this project is to design a Web-based system which can be used to promote community service activities by matching student/faculty/staff and teams to community service needs. There will be two types of users who can log into the system: students/faculty/staff with a CaseID and password and community partners who will need to create an account specifically for the system. It will provide a calendar of community service events for partners to post opportunities and for users to look for opportunities. It will allow organizations to request help from existing teams and individuals based on the users’ service interests. Furthermore, it will track the amount of service hours volunteers and teams have performed, as well as the number of community members served. These figures can be used by campus organizations to keep track of required hours.


As players move around in real life, they will be able to find and capture in-game monsters, whose attributes relate to the player’s physical location in some way. Once a monster is found, players can choose to engage it in battle. Using specific screen gestures, players can attempt to capture the monster


Java2CPP is a Java to C++ compiler written in C, using tools such as LEX and YACC.

Ergo Proxy

Enterprise networks often employ a Web proxy as an intermediary between the employee browsers and the rest of the Internet. The proxy can serve multiple roles: block inappropriate websites, monitor employee web surfing, screen incoming pages for malware, and provide a shared cache for Web objects.

Mobile EMR

Many developing countries lack the infrastructure to provide efficient patient tracking and medical records, inhibiting a doctor’s ability to quickly and effectively provide accurate diagnoses and treatment. I propose that a mobile application be developed and provided to single-practicing doctors in developing countries, and eventually integrated into existing hospital electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The application would be able to plug into many open-source EMR systems, allowing doctors to more easily identify patients, and prevent them from assuming a false identity. The patient history would be available so doctors could see previously purchased medicine, as well as prior treatment and surgery. Data on disease outbreaks would be collected and analyzed in real-time to provide faster relief, and prevent further sickness among the population. Finally, the application could be used to track shipments of medical drugs between clinical, reducing human error during transfer process.

Humanitarian organizations such as the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders would benefit from the application’s ability to identify and locate patients, as well as retrieve important medical history. In countries that lack sufficient roads, the application can be used to track patients via global positioning satellites. As a junior undergraduate of Case Western Reserve University with past experience in managing a mobile application development team, I am confident in my abilities to develop and maintain an application that can improve healthcare and provide real-time updates on disease outbreaks.

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