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Budget It Yourself QR Codes

I was working on my resume today, when I had this idea of embedding a QR Code for Budget It Yourself. I wanted to somehow distinguish that this QR Code was for an Android application, and not a website or iPhone app (but that’s coming someday I hope). After a little bit of experimenting, I found I could overlay colors and images over the QR Code without affecting its readability. I made a few different mockups, so now I have to decide which one I like best. They all seem to scan perfectly fine on my Razr Maxx and Droid X, but there is always that possibility that another phone may not understand them. I could definitely see using a technique like this to display QR Codes for multiple devices (Android, iOS, etc) on posters or spots where space is limited. There is no need to say “HEY! SCAN THIS ON ANDROID ONLY!”.


Budget It Yourself QR Codes

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